Everyone has the opportunity to work with me and receive my help and support simply by purchasing your first essential oils and deciding to share them with others.

doTERRA offer everyone this opportunity: which is to voluntarily work with one of the top essential oil companies in the market, with one of the best compensation plans, who adhere to conscious and ethical business practices. In return we get paid as small business owners, and over time create a residual income and therefore allow more freedom in our lives to actually live.

WHY start a doTERRA business

As I mentioned on my Essential Oils page, I purchased my first essential oils in May 2016 for all of those reasons - PLUS I also knew about the business opportunity and was definitely interested. Even if I did nothing with that opportunity, I knew it was there simply by opening a wholesale account.

I didn't start actively building a business until 6 months on - however over that six months I had already started sharing the oils with people without even trying. That just kinda happens when you have a product that changes how you live your life and you WANT to share it with the world.

doTERRA may be a network marketing company, but it is one like no other. A more accurate description would be an essential oil company that chose to market through direct selling.
You will never see doTERRA advertised on TV, radio, billboards, magazines, etc. Instead they use that advertising money to pay small business owners like myself to educate consumers and sell directly.

Like I mentioned earlier - this is voluntary work. We don't have to go through an interview process with a company to get this opportunity, you just have to buy some oils. And to be honest it's not any different than other conventional customer service/sales job arrangements. In it's most simplest explanation:

Customer approaches me for product - I organise the sale of that product - company receives payment and delivers product to the customer - I get paid from the company.

But instead of the relationship just ending there - you get the ongoing post-sale support and education from the person that introduced you to the oils. doTERRA have their own online customer support team who are AMAZING but the customers get us too! Most problems or questions can be solved by a simple text that I am more than happy to answer, or in support groups where we can share our personal experiences.

If you're wondering whether this is for you, here are some qualities that would be beneficial when starting a business like this:

- Creative and open minded
- Looking for an opportunity to rise and use your many skills
- Passionate about health, well-being and natural living
- Also genuinely interested in helping other people
- Willing to consistently work towards your goals
- Excited by the thought of being challenged and doing something new every day
- Inspired and energised by change (aka. adaptable)
- A lifetime learner who’s always keen to expand your mind and knowledge
- Not looking for someone to fix them, you’re ready to do the work
- Want/need flexibility in work hours
- Unsatisfied with the standard 9-5 that has a cap on your earnings

The is no limit on your earnings with this business, you are only limited by your determination, persistence and consistency. 
Here is a list of the average earnings of leaders within doTERRA, that is very possible for any person like you or I.

People who work this business part-time, taking consistent action, generally earn about $2,000 a month.
The people who work this full-time, taking consistent action, have the potential to earn $16k+ per month.

If you're asking yourself whether I've seen any of that money myself - yes, I have. I receive deposits straight into my bank account multiple times a month, and I am already earning much more than the minimum investment into the business each month. This means it is already self-sufficient, unlike many bricks and mortar businesses which run at a loss for years before they begin to break-even.

The minimum monthly investment to earn commissions is roughly $130-$150 per month which is very low compared to pretty much any other start up business, and you actually get that money in the form of essential oils. So you don't sink money into rent, electricity and water every month, instead you get it in products you will actually use. It can even be consumables that you already spend money on like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, washing detergent, cleaning concentrate, moisturiser, etc. because yes doTERRA have that too - all made with essential oils of course. And it's not an auto-ship monthly order that you can't change, you can customise your order every month.

Still unsure whether this is for you? 

“Use the reason why you can’t, as the reason why you must” - Tara Bliss

We all have stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves. Our inner critic that becomes a constant dialogue for everything we do.

When we’re reaching for a goal, or dreaming big and trying to create a life we love… that voice will pipe up and tell you all the reason’s why you can’t or shouldn’t do it.
No time? Money? Energy? Freedom? Worthiness?

These are all the exact reasons why you MUST. 

It requires a change in perception, and redesigning that story you tell yourself. Flip it on it’s ass and instead of saying “I can’t, I don’t have any time”, maybe try:
“What if I made room for this in the time that I have?”
“What if I prioritised my money for this, as it is a priority for ME?”
“What if I am worthy of this, and so much more?”

Every single “can’t” is the reason why you must, in order to create more. It’s easy to stay in an area of comfort and safety, but don’t expect anything to change. 

Building a business with doTERRA will bring all of this up for you. All your shit you’ve gathered over the years that you’re carrying on your back, is going to get unpacked and laid out for you to deal with. It’s just part of the package.

“doTERRA is a personal development experience, wrapped up in essential oils.” You cannot escape it - there’s no free passes. But rest assured knowing you're in good hands, with mind boggling support and coaching all throughout the process.

And every single reason why you say you can’t start a business with doTERRA, is the exact reason why you must.

A goal is just a dream until you take action.

Please email me if you'd like to chat about this more or if you're already like "YEP I'M IN", head on over to my page on how to purchase your first essential oils.
You will then receive a whole lotta love from me via email, but give me a holla if you're interested in the business opportunity straight up so I can give you some extra resources.