Home Essentials Kit


Home Essentials Kit


The most popular Enrolment kit contains 10 of our most popular essential oils - the perfect way to start your doTERRA journey!

This is doTERRA’s foundation kit, and is appropriately named as it includes the 10 oils every home should have, regardless of wants or needs, plus a diffuser. This kit is triple the oil in the Family Essentials Kit, for less than double the price.
There's a good reason why most people start with this kit - it is incredible value.

Unsure what to do with your oils once they arrive? Check out the perfect resource page for you:
“I’ve got my oils - now what?”

Package Includes:


  • Flat Rate $7.95 (included in price)

  • Estimated 3-5 days after dispatch

Have piece of mind! We have a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Please see our Returns Policy for eligibility.

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