Your GO-TO Immune Support blend

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I don’t know about you guys, but EVERYONE around me is coughing and sniffing and spluttering. Winter is well and truly settling in, and our immune systems are being put to the test. 

Boosting your immune system naturally can involve managing stress, ensuring deep and restful sleep, daily movement, eating a range of vegetables (plus ginger, chilli, turmeric and citrus are all amazing immune boosters), consuming broth, and of course using nature’s own immune system - essential oils.

🌱Plants can get sick too guys!🌱

But the essential oils contained within help plants ward off environmental threats and bring them back to good health when their leaves are attacked by disease.


This Immune Support blend has been going on my glands and soles of my feet every day, to support my immune system to work at the best of its ability. It's always best to use these in a preventative way as well, not just in response to already getting sick. And I can assure you I’m not the one coughing and sniffing!

Frankincense - supports cellular health, reduces inflammation
Tea Tree - antibacterial, helps fight infection
Lemon - cleanses the insides, great for sore throats
On Guard - crazy amounts of antioxidants due to the Clove oil (antioxidants support your immune system)
Oregano - nature's antibiotic... also antiviral. 

All of the oils used in this blend are in the Home Essentials Kit as well, which is super convenient! Not surprising though, it IS called the Home Essentials Kit for a reason.
Just add fractionated coconut oil to your order and you're ready to rumble!

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