Getting started with essential oils can be easily done in just three steps.


1. Choose a kit

Free 12 month wholesale membership.
No monthly orders or selling required.
Enjoy up to 55% off RRP for choosing a kit.



Family Essentials Kit

The ‘small bottle’ kit. Top 10 essential oils for every home plus the metabolic blend Smart & Sassy.


Home Essentials Kit

The ‘big bottle’ kit. Top 10 essential oils for every home plus a diffuser - triple the oil of Family Essentials.


Nature’s Solution Kit

The ‘total home overhaul’ kit. Everything you need to replace products in your bathroom, kitchen & laundry.


2. Order online

Order from the comfort of your bedroom!
Flat rate shipping $7.95AUD.
Receive your order within the week.

If you were introduced to the oils by a friend or family member, please get in contact with them and get them to assist you with your purchase instead.
If you’ve met me in person or follow me online, and would like me to be your go-to-gal when it comes to supporting you with your essential oils, go ahead and follow the instructions below!

You will then be asked if you'd like to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order.
Not sure what that is?
Here's something I wrote explaining the Loyalty Rewards Program, or simply select ‘No’.


3. Receive your oils

+ Welcome email with tips and tricks
+ Monthly newsletter for specials and freebies
+ Receive a welcome gift from me
+ Message me anytime with questions!

Upon submission of your order, doTERRA will send you an email with your ID and instructions on how to enter your ‘Virtual Office’ (where you can make future orders with your 25% off membership!)

After that, you know what to do! Crack open your first bottle, and pop a few drops of Lavender and Wild Orange in the diffuser to get you started.



What is the most popular kit?

The Home Essentials Kit, of course! It is appropriately named as it includes the 10 oils every home should have, regardless of wants or needs, plus a diffuser. This kit is triple the oil in the Essentials Collection Kit, for less than double the price.
There's a good reason why most people start with this kit - it is incredible value.

What if I don’t want to purchase a kit?

No worries - you don’t have to!
When checking out, simply select the ‘Introductory Packet’ which is your $35 membership, and choose your oils or consumables a la carte.
However, choosing a kit is definitely the most valuable. You can get up to $200 off compared to selecting the oils individually, along with the $35 membership waived.

What if I need help choosing the right oils?

If you’re looking for oils for a specific health concern or wellness goal, please use the contact form below and I can get in touch with you to give you a hand! We can chat via message, phone, skype, you name it and we’ll figure out a plan for you.

What happens when my 12 months runs out?

When you place your next order doTERRA will add on a $25 membership renewal, and send you a free 15ml Peppermint as a thank you! If you do not place any orders and your 12 months is up, your account will simply expire.

Is there a minimum order when purchasing?

There is no minimum order when purchasing your first oils.
If you’d like to set up your monthly wellness order (LRP), you only have to order 1 item a month to keep all your rewards points.

Am I locked into anything when purchasing?

Nope! No lock-in contracts. You can order whenever you like through your own personal log in.
If you’ve set up your monthly wellness box and want to cancel it, you simply call member services and they will do it immediately for you.

I’m interested in potentially selling the oils as well, do I need to do anything differently?

Not at all, simply follow the same process. That’s the beauty of this biz, anyone can do it very easily!
You can get started straight away, or you could wait 6 months and then start sharing. Up to you!
But make sure you get in contact with me so I can have a chat to you about it and get you plugged into some really amazing resources.

Got a question I haven’t answered, or just need some help? 

Just fill out the form below and I would be happy to give you a hand.

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