Oils & Eczema with Samantha Cooke

Photo by  @see.society

Photo by @see.society


Growing up my skin was always an issue for me – a sore point – acne and eczema ruled my life and I refused treatment. It was something I tried to ignore. Pretend it was not an issue.

I started working with Bethany, and talking to her about all things health not only opened my mind to what affects my skin, but also put me on a path towards sustainability. The reality I wish the entire world could see, is that we need to consider the ‘big picture’, even when it comes down to the consumption of goods such as skincare products.

I have always had a passion for encouraging the respect of Mother Nature, however after Bethany’s skincare workshop I was hooked. It is incredible how something that feels like it is ‘just another thing on the To-Do List’ has become something I find therapeutic, ironically enough, just like the benefits of these oils!

I now routinely make my face cleanser, toner and moisturiser, along with body wash, and have now stepped into experimenting with making my own shampoo bars. I promise that I am no skilled crafter either, so it was never like; ‘yeah I’m gonna kill this’, it was more of a ‘what the f*** am I doing’ process. But hey, my belief is that this is what made it therapeutic for me, it’s a metaphor for life. Nothing is – nor should be – straight forward, and everyone is different.

The first basic experimentation I did was with carrier oils, my mum has LOVED Jojoba for a long time. I, however, always hated it. For Bethany though, I’d give anything a shot, yet I still found my skin just wasn’t really a fan, it didn’t break out or anything, it just did not feel ‘right’, at least not as an everyday moisturiser. The next was Coconut oil, which is a very common carrier oil. I was excited to try this one in my specifically ‘me-designed’ eczema moisturiser. Not. A. Fan. It made my skin feel warm and a little itchy, weird, it only affected the eczema prone skin. Thus, is something I use as a carrier for topical blends like digestive and cramp calmers, hay fever blends as well as the numerous blends I have for mental health and sleep concerns.
Finally, I arrived at Almond oil, which I now have a loving relationship with – it’s the one.

From previous experience, I know that my eczema does not like tea tree, so I simply cut it out in Bethany’s skincare workshop! It worked well, and I now use Grapefruit or Juniper berry (sometimes both) in it’s place. I also remembered how well my skin did with Rosehip oil, but it’s so expensive! (PSA – Bethany’s is priced fabulously). So now I add 15mL of Rosehip oil to my moisturiser made with Almond oil and essential oils in a 250mL bottle, particularly since it is so damn dry here in Victoria!

This is what I love about a) Bethany for encouraging me to play in this way, and b) essential oils, they have both provided me with a launch pad for my sustainable journey, that looks after my body better than anything I would buy in plastic anyway!

Samantha Cooke

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