Essential Oils for Anxiety


It’s not something I’ve posted about much, which is crazy because it’s one of the most common questions I get asked!⠀

“Are there any oils that can help with anxiety?”⠀
Yes, indeed there are.⠀
And this is not just from a ‘woo woo’, un-researched perspective, this is a chemical reaction in the body that the essential oils interact with as they are ALSO made of chemicals found in nature. More and more studies are showing how strong the connection is between our olfactory system and limbic system - our sense of smell and our emotions and memories.

In a study released just last week, they found that the inhalation of linalool (found in most calming essential oils like lavender) induced significant anxiolytic effects, and these results relied on the olfactory input for it to be effective.
They also discussed the side effects of regularly prescribed anxiety medication:

"The most well-developed and commonly prescribed drugs used to treat anxiety disorders are azapirons and serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)... and benzodiazepines (BDZs). However, the side effects (e.g., clinical effect delay, headache, somnolence, dizziness and serotonin syndrome for azapirones; clinical effect delay, sexual dysfunction and serotonin syndrome for SSRI; abuse, dependence liability, retrograde amnesia, and sedation for BDZs) of these drugs can be severe and more detrimental than the anxiety itself..."

Finding natural solutions has never been more imperative.

I also can’t go on without mentioning that the food you eat and the state of your gut microbiome all play a massive role in anxiety. Eating nourishing foods, the right supplements and probiotics can seriously help.⠀
Mindfulness or meditation can be very powerful as well - learning to observe the thought, and letting it pass.⠀
However, I know that having a tangible tool can be really helpful when you’re in the moment.⠀

Some common essential oils to help with feelings of anxiousness:⠀
Wild Orange⠀
Balance blend⠀
Peace blend⠀
Lavender Peace blend⠀
Ylang Ylang⠀


You can simply inhale them from the bottle or diffuse them to gain the benefits.⠀
You can also apply them to your skin with a carrier oil so they can get absorbed into your body and ride the highways of your bloodstream!⠀

It’s important that you find the right essential oil that works for you so I love being able to give people that experience and choice.
If you would like some samples of essential oils for anxiety, please just email me⠀

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