A note on social media and business

Photo by  Kev Costello  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kev Costello on Unsplash


I’m becoming very disenchanted with social media, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed.

I’m on Instagram when I need to be on there, and maybe that’s not quite enough to upkeep a ‘Business Instagram’.
To be honest - I don’t want to spend my time scrolling through feeds and I don’t think it’s time well spent, so why should I encourage others to? In fact, I’m very passionate about helping others break free from the social media rabbit hole.

The whole point of creating my Instagram - Reality Is - was to portray health in reality with no frills. That health can look different for everybody. Well, I can tell you now that being on social media for hours a day is not healthy for anyone.
Instagram has changed since I created this profile, and my feed has changed a bit since then too, but my intention is still the same. I get to share my version of health in reality via insta stories now.. so where does that leave my feed? I have no idea. It’s meant to be a ‘curated visual portrayal’ of my business - but I’m just not into it.
And if hashtags could be a thing of the past already that would be great too... 😂

I’d love to know your thoughts… do you think building a brand online is encouraging bad habits and disconnection (under the guise of connection)?
Or do you think it can add real value to lives?

I know my zone of genius is face to face, relating to personal and unique experiences, so I would rather see you in person than just projecting messages out into the universe and hoping that it hits home for some of you.

Would you like to come and hang with me in person?

Check out my upcoming workshops - I genuinely want to connect with other like minded people and enhance their lives in some way or another, and of course I know my life will be changed in the process as well. Would you like that too?
Even if it's just for a coffee, it's that one conversation, one interaction that can make a difference in someone's life.

We don’t need to reach the masses to make a change.
All we need to do to change the world is focus on improving the lives of people directly surrounding us.