A note on routines



Finding one can be hard, and breaking one can be equally as difficult.

There are a lot of perks to working from home: I don't have to battle traffic or public transport crowds, I don't have to tell someone I'm going to the bathroom, I can start and finish working whenever I choose, I don't have to submit timesheets outlining how I've spent every minute of my day, I get to enjoy my meals at any time that suits me... the list goes on.
However, you have to start asking yourself some tough questions when you're not locked into certain working hours and requirements, and they take time to figure out.

At what time am I most productive in the day? That may not be between 8am-5pm, and it can vary for different tasks.
What do I actually want my day to look like?
Since I love what I do, how many hours do I see myself actually working?
Sometimes that routine can look unconventional!

I love to reply to emails and messages first thing in the morning before I've had breakfast or coffee. Most days my brain wakes up buzzing and ready to click send on any email, which is something I procrastinate over 😅
But then I know I'm more creative/innovative in the evenings, so there's generally a chunk during the middle of the day that I take for myself to do some exercise, catch up with a friend, make kombucha... ya know.

I was criticizing myself about that time, comparing my routine to other people's routines 🙄classic. But I've decided it works for me, and as long as it feels good NOW, that's what matters. As soon as it doesn't feel good, just change it up!

How's your routine working for you?