A note on Fear, Happiness and Success


Success is... complicated.

I think we're all pretty aware of the fact that you need to take risks and get out of your comfort zone in order to grow. In the process, it's very natural to be afraid of failure, right?
Being afraid of failure is common and something everyone deals with frequently.
However, fear of success is a concept that can be hard to grasp. You can usually list the potential benefits of succeeding quite easily: more income, happiness, stability, achievement, etc. But what about those unconscious niggling thoughts?

What does your life look like after you've achieved your goal?
How much change will you have to embrace in order to succeed?
Are you skilled enough to carry out what is required of you after you succeed?
How much more will be expected of you?
What will you have to sacrifice?
Are you worthy of all the rewards you will receive? Do you deserve it?

We are capable of subconsciously sabotaging our own success because of these fears. We will make excuses and come up with so many reasons why we shouldn't go for a promotion, interview for a new job, start your own business or even start a new project or hobby.
The key is to listen to your fears and what your inner critic is saying, and take it as a sign that something great is on the horizon. If you're not scared, there's probably not much risk involved and therefore not much of a reward either.
Embrace your fears and use them as sign posts so you know you're on the right path! 

And then we have the the age old: "I'll be happy when..."

Stop placing your happiness on the other side of success.

If you never break that mindset of thinking, you will never be happy with the outcome - EVEN IF YOU REACH YOUR GOAL. If you keep placing your happiness on the OTHER SIDE of your goal weight, dream job, earning a certain income, etc. you will never truly achieve that happiness you're chasing.

Your brain is wired to repeatedly create a new goal for you to work towards, and therefore happiness is always that green grass on the other side. I’m not saying goals are therefore useless… they are incredibly powerful - just don't intricately tangle your happiness with your goal.

What I’m saying is that you need to learn how to find 'happiness' in the #JOURNEY. Come to terms with where you are now and your daily life that YOU have created, knowing you have the opportunity to design your day, everyday. Make sure there are actionable steps that you're taking daily or weekly that are bringing you closer to your goals.
Find happiness in your daily life, knowing you are actively working towards your dream life.


Edited 11th July 2018.