Extremes are easy, strive for Balance.
- Colin Wright

Gone are the days when I thought bread was the devil and pasta and rice were its accomplices.
I spent YEARS avoiding all three of these based off some advice from a doctor when I said I was struggling to lose weight. There are many things he could have said instead, like maybe it’s not your weight we should be focusing on, but maybe I wouldn’t be here writing this if he didn’t.

Avoiding carbs is not a sustainable way to lose or maintain weight.

This can be mind boggling - as many of you would have found that if you avoid carbs, you lose weight. This part is true.
And then your body goes into the stage where you start maintaining your weight by avoiding those carbs. BUT YOU STILL HADN'T 'FINISHED LOSING WEIGHT' YET - so you cut back even more. As you can see - this model is not sustainable

I’m not going to outline my ‘Day on a Plate’ because to be honest it’s entirely irrelevant to what your day on a damn plate should look like (hence bio-individuality). We all intuitively have the knowledge of what we should and shouldn’t eat, for some of us it may just be buried a little deeper.
A quick guide is: know your ingredients, choose quality, eat mostly plants, not too much. 

I'm on a mission to learn to listen to my body and it's cues in all aspects of my life, but in particular I'm trying to REALLY LISTEN when it's telling me what food to eat. And I'm doing what it tells me to.
When I want savoury, I eat eggs/toast/avo/veg. When I want sweet I eat raspberry and lime essential oil nana ice cream with GF muesli for breakfast.

No guilt. No thoughts around "too much sugar" or "too much carbs".

I'm over the days of forcing down the same food with the least amount of calories (gross) just because it's meant to be the 'healthiest'. (...for reals?) I know I inherently have the knowledge to choose exactly what I need.

The mind will always overthink the options, but the body just wants what it needs.

Be creative, be resourceful.
Eat real food, however you damn want.

YES honey contains a lot of sugar. But putting some honey on your oats is not going to ruin your day or make you gain a kilo like some may have you believe. In fact some studies have shown quite the opposite.
If you can't tolerate high fructose foods, then obviously steer clear... but if you can, why would you deprive yourself of it?
Raw local honey is incredible for your immune system, and actually great for reducing pollen/allergy systems if you consume all year round! It's also packed with antioxidants like polyphenols that help to reduce disease in the body.
Honey is amazing for healing and purifying not only internally but on the skin as well. Mix some raw honey with tea tree essential oil and you've got yourself an acne face mask 💁🏻
I sincerely hope bees stay around on earth for a lot longer!

Some other great alternatives to sugar/honey/maple are the natural sweeteners stevia (from the stevia plants) or xylitol (from birch).

I think the key to remember here is that we were not designed to eat sugar and sweeteners on a daily basis. However - we are are human - and that stuff tastes damn delicious. So all we can do is remember that sugar/sweet treats are not a GIVEN everyday. I myself used to get to 3pm at my desk and without a doubt would pull out some sort of sweet treat (even if homemade) and chow down.
These days I tend not to have treats just lying around - I only make them for special occasions - and if I'm not feeling the sweet tooth that day I don't eat it! (Past me would say I'd 'earned it' or 'deserved' it for some reason or another - food should never be a reward or punishment).

Fruit is not the enemy either peoples...
Fruit is an essential part of anyone's diet. Avoiding processed sugars can be beneficial but fruit is not just sugar! As is any other sweet foods found in nature. Mango in particular contains 20 different vitamins and minerals for your body, and not to mention it TASTES AMAZING!

Eat your daily dose of fruit my peeps.