We often allow guilt to consume us, but we must realise that we can start over at any time.

I feel as though there is a bit of a trend towards eradicating guilt in the wellness industry. I believe we should without a doubt be aiming to reduce guilt in our lives as it's not a pleasant state to be in, but it’s also an entirely natural human emotion which we can never fully get rid of. In fact I think it can be quite beneficial at times.

Am I advocating guilt? No.

However I AM saying that feeling guilt can potentially be a catalyst for a series of positive events in your life. If you never felt that guilt or possibly even shame, how would you ever know to question or ponder what you’re doing and why? 

Without guilt, there is no innocence. Without shame, there is no pride. You need to experience one in order to experience the other.

That DOES NOT mean we need to induce these feelings in other people. We are more than capable of putting ourselves down with negative self-talk, and there is no benefit in making others feel guilty or shameful. 

The key here is to be aware, notice when you feel guilt or shame, and then rise above it and take action. What is it you’re doing that’s contributing to this feeling? How can you change your actions or thoughts in order to change this feeling? Because you only have control over what YOU do and think. 

Sometimes we may experience our feelings consuming us - being consumed with anger, jealousy, guilt, negativity or hate - but we can also allow ourselves to be consumed just as strongly by love, compassion, community and positivity.